Saturday, April 30, 2016

Vendor Profile: Little Bird Patisserie & Cafe {Food Vendor}

Little Bird Pâtisserie & Café has been open for just over 2 years.  Since our opening, our focus has been French and French inspired food, including macaron, croissants, tarts, eclairs and cream puffs, cookies, soups, salads, and sandwiches. We love to bake from scratch, and while we have regular items, we keep our creativity flowing with additional sweet and savoury creations.  We are honoured to have been named one of Canada’s top 20 bakeries (Huffington Post).  Once again, this summer, we are offering our full-of-yummy-goodness picnic basket to add to your summer memories.
Did you know we cater?  We cater anything from lunches to large special events.  If you can dream it, we will work with you to develop your dream – big or small.
We offer free wifi and have many tables next to electrical outlets for those long study sessions, work meetings, or your ‘me time’.
Little Bird Pâtisserie & Café is honoured to be part of the vibrant Riversdale neighborhood located at the corner of Avenue B and 20th Street in the historic Adilman Building.  We are open 7 days per week – Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm, and Sunday 10am to 4pm (watch for extended summer hours in the near future!).

Find us on Facebook or Instagram by landing on the homepage of our website (which, is under construction, but will get you to Facebook and Instagram) –  Our phone number is 306.384.4663.

Little Bird Pâtisserie & Café will be kitchen vendor on Friday and Saturday of the market.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Vendor Profile: Krisjan Jude Photography {Photo Booth}

Korey Hamm  is obsessed with capturing the beauty of real life. 
Born and raised on the prairies, he has a passion for finding charm in our every day world. 
Korey loves trying new and different approaches to photography, and finding that exact moment when nobody is ready for the camera but everyone looks perfect!


Korey will be in charge of the photo booth on the stage during this market.  You can find out more of Korey's work on his website.

Vendor Profile: Swish & Craft

Hey! My name is Savannah Pinsent. By day, I am a courier and I craft every single spare moment I get. I work under the name "Swish and Craft" The word "swish" is a word that my mom and her friend made up when they were in elementary school. Swishing means relaxing and taking time for yourself, in my case it is usually with a thread in needle in my hand, in oversized PJ's with my two teeny chihuahuas, Todd and Daryl and watching horrible reality TV. I have been doing embroidery for a few years now. I recently started taking sewing classes as well and hope to learn some new skills to put my embroidery on (as if my craft room wasn't full enough already...) My embroidery work generally showcases my sassy and sometimes sarcastic attitude. I really like to make people laugh and I think that is something I achieve through my hoop art! Along with embroidery, I also sell handmade polymer clay magnets of junk food and other little goodies that I make a long the way. I have been lucky enough to do a couple of Flock and Gather's shows in the past and it is always so lovely to see all your faces and be part of the crafty community here in Saskatoon! It is a really great one. Feel free to follow me on instagram! @shittyweekend

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Vendor Profile: Small Shapes Pottery

Small Shapes is a small batch ceramics studio produced by Leeane Berger. Inspired by simplicity and shape, each product is created with a focus on maintaining the handmade character of each piece. In her current line you will find classic tableware, bottles and wheel thrown jewelry.

You can find Small Shapes on instagram.

Vendor Profile: Shannon Welch Jewellery

Shannon Welch has been making jewellery with silver, gold and precious gems for sixteen years. Her work can be seen on her Facebook page Shannon R Welch Jewellery and her Instagram. Her work is also for sale through the Affinity Craft Council shop on Broadway.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Vendor Profile: Salgado Fenwich

All the designs are hand drawn and silkscreen by 2 ladies that love animals. We design our prints with stories in mind and animals that need a little more attention in the world. We love what we do and that is why every season we have new prints that are all limited edition! We have also add Printing on pillows for your home! plus fun travel totes!

You can find Salgado Fenwick on their website, Facebook, and instagram.

Vendor Profile: Rebecca King Fashion

Saskatoon's resident fashion designer Rebecca King began “fashionably battling Canada's cold front in 2005 with her eponymous line of textured jackets, sweaters and dresses” (FASHION Magazine, Nov 2014). Modern, textured and earth toned, each of King's well crafted garments is practical without sacrificing any of its chicness. King recently returned to Saskatoon after spending several years in Calgary, where the designer garnered accolades and attention at the national level and was named a Mercedes-Benz Startup Top 20 Emerging Canadian Designer. Rebecca King garments can be found in boutiques and tradeshows across Western Canada as well as at Twitter : rebeccaking_ca Facebook: Rebecca King Fashion Design Instagram: Rebecca King Fashion

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Vendor Profile: Rachael Kroeker Ceramics

Based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, I am a ceramic artist who specializes in contemporary tableware/ home decor for daily use and admiration. This line of sleek modern pottery has a wonderful balance between design, comfort and beauty. I work with casting slip (liquid clay) and plaster moulds and combine black and white porcelain together. Each piece is 100% unique with no two marbling affects ever being the same, and the exterior is sanded multiple times to achieve a supple matte finish. Along with this line of pottery find air plant holders and ceramic decor to add a modern twist to wall art and garden accents. Website: Instagram @rachaelkroekerceramics Etsy:

Monday, April 25, 2016

Vendor Profile: ceramics ceramics is a Saskatoon based studio focused on producing thoughtfully and beautifully made functional ceramics. Each piece is made by hand - wheel thrown or slab built by Robyn Larsen in her home studio. Robyn's education and background in architecture and design has influenced her ceramic design and production processes. Her fascination with simple, delicate and understated aesthetics lend to her minimalistic approach to functional ceramics. She is focused on producing functional ware to be used and loved daily. She believes in the importance of thoughtful and quality made goods. Robyn lives and works in Saskatoon as both a ceramic artist and as an architectural designer. To stay in touch or to get more information, current listings and upcoming show information, visit ceramics on Instagram (@rstudioceramics), Facebook (rstudio ceramics) or her website.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Vendor Profile: Oldhat

Oldhat is a one-man hat making company based in Winnipeg. All hats are sewn by me, Nathan, and I use only recycled or secondhand fabric. I carefully select the fabrics using anything from tablecloths to lightly used clothing. To stiffen the peak I use the plastic from ice cream pails, which I salvage from local shops. The end products are quality hats that are aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious, while remaining perfectly functional. Oldhat: Handmade for Fine Folks.

You can find Oldhat on his website, Facebook, and instagram.

Vendor Profile: Nooks Design

Nooks Design in based out of Kelowna, BC and we pride ourselves on hand-making clothing and footwear for children using upcycyled and natural materials. Our little felted wool booties provide comfort and protection from the elements, while offering the benefits of soft-soled shoes that are one-of-a-kind.

You can find Nooks on their website, instagram, and Etsy.