Monday, October 31, 2011

Winter Wonders Artisan Profile - Ron Cooley

May we introduce the first in our Artisan Profile series for our Winter Wonders Handmade Market. Over the next few weeks watch this space to get a preview taste of the Wonders you'll find at the market. We're pretty excited about the amazing talent we have to share with you and hope you'll be impressed as well. We've got heaps of local talent and some traveling artisans as well that we are thrilled to introduce to the Saskatoon community.

Our first profile is local Saskatoon Photographer Ron Cooley!

A lifelong enthusiast photographer, Ron began working in the chemical darkroom over 30 years ago. Excited by the possibilities of digital imaging, he is gradually making the transition to a serious fine-craft photography practice. His work involves landscape, cityscape, and nature photography, often with an element of abstraction. Many of his favourite images highlight the glorious accidents of pattern, colour, and texture found in our urban and natural environments. He likes to call these “second glance” images—images made by attending to things we pass every day without giving them a second glance.
Contact Information. Phone(306) 244-3689; email

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