Monday, November 16, 2015

Vendor Profile: Oneiro Designs

Oneiro (pronounced oh-nair-oh) comes from the word oneirology- the study of dreams.  

Oneiro was a passion project born from a quarter life crisis 3 years ago. Owner and Designer Alissa Ramage just finished a degree in Microbiology and knew something was missing from her life. She made her first art installation in the form of a wall hanging and gave it to a friend. From there this triggered her passion for art and her creative energy was reignited which was repressed for so long.  

Today Oneiro is an up-and-coming jewelry line and specializes in crystals and brass chain. These pieces can be anything from a simple set of earrings to an elaborate statement necklace with a variety of stone beads and pendants. Oneiro truly believes in the power of the crystals and that some of the pieces can impact the wearer with an energy unique to each stone.  

Oneiro's latest collection, Riddles in the Sand will be featured at the Flock and Gather along with a special collection of wall hangings.


You can find Oneiro Designs on her website and on Instagram.

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