Wednesday, April 11, 2012

nom nom nom...mmmmm pretzels!

Sometimes the folks at flock and gather risk being carted away to the loonie though the organizing of a sale with all that emcompasses, plus the production of work for the sale, plus our day jobs - we also decided to hand make a bunch of yummy treats for the spring sale.

Yup get em while they last (which might not be for long!) hundreds of chocolate dipped pretzels and lemonade to wash it down. Just one more reason to stop by the flock & gather Spring Market this Friday and Saturday.

Oh and while you're there make sure to stop by the flock & gather crew's tables and nudge those guys to wake them up - it's been a long week, preceded by a long few months! No complaints here though. We love to bring the masses of Saskatoon the best of the best in indie handmade craft!

See you this weekend!

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