Thursday, December 4, 2014

ever wonder who is behind the scenes @ flock and gather?

f&g has been brought to you by....

just a few fun folks keen on building the indie handmade scene in #yxe

we can't wait to see you this weekend.


vendor profile: Walden Sweet Design

Walden Sweet Design was borne from a love of home and a passion for handmade goods. Our screen printed textiles are lovingly hand sewn and screen printed in our small studio in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We make pillowcases, hankies, tea towels, and other assorted functional textiles with designs inspired by our love for pattern and nature. We use the finest quality fabrics and water based inks to ensure you will enjoy your purchase for a long time to come. We strive to make cozy relaxed products that we hope will find a comfortable spot in your home.

vendor profile: Carole Epp

It's simple really, I like to make things that make people smile. I want to be a maker of objects that through their imagery, evoke nostalgia, innocence and love. Perhaps sometimes a greater narrative or story is lurking in the images sometimes not. 

Within the whirlwind of a busy life with two young children, my functional ceramics have evolved from a past of formal inquiries and technical explorations towards more contemporary narrative representations and whimsy. From books and their elaborate illustrative art, to my children’s drawings and imaginations I find inspiration all around me. The reward of this work for me is that young and old find happiness though the work and its engagement with nostalgia and familiar imagery.

I'm looking forward to another amazing weekend at flock & gather and am thankful to be a part of the collective that makes these events happen. I'm most thankful though to the community here in Saskatoon that has been so supportive in their embrace of the handmade and the value in supporting local makers.

See you Friday!


vendor profile: Nicki Ault Studio

I love creating art, more specifically I love painting and drawing. I have been concentrating on this passion for the past five years which is when my youngest son entered school full-time and I suddenly found more hours available in my day. I love my boys, but let me say that having a bit more time to focus on my creative side really makes me happy! Eventually I was inspired to paint small 6x6" boards by the "Daily Painters" I discovered online. Although I don't paint daily, I have completed two projects where I painted thirty little paintings in thirty days. It is these small works that you will see at the Winter Wonders Market.

To see more of my paintings, including larger pieces, please go to my blog at or my Facebook page at

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

vendor profile: JF and Bill

JF and Bill have been working together on and off for more than 5 years.  They collaborated in restaurants, catering weddings, private parties, they’ve done it all.  Creative, with a respect for the classics, their vision is one of simple, honest, clean, tong and cheeks food. It’s always been about making the food they wanted to eat, inspired by Saskatchewan food heritage and local producers.

vendor profile: The Night Oven Bakery

We offer handcrafted baked goods, pastries and breads made with traditional processes from organic, local grains and quality ingredients. Stone-milled flour. Wood-fired bread.
@thenightoven on instagram

vendor profile: Say Hi To Daffodil

The spark of Say Hi To Daffodil first fire-worked in the fabulous prairie skies of Saskatchewan. As a child in small northern communities, I first learned the traditional art of bead work. Carrying this creative passion throughout the years led me to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts, as well as further education in Graphic Design.

Throughout my adventures, I became fascinated with how travel and small spaces influence the act of creating. From living in a tiny apartment in South Korea, to a sailboat on the west coast of BC, I experimented with ways my art could evolve while being physically confined. Stringing semi-precious stones and beads on wire and string provided the perfect channel for exploration.

Say Hi To Daffodil is the evolution of my drawings and doodles into the intricate art of ornamentation. With a love for the earth's colorful palette and changing seasons, my unique patterns echo the whimsical world, delicately digested and filtered through my fingertips.

vendor profile: Salgado Fenwick

I'll write about whats new with us. We are sewing some garments by hand in studio skirts, thick long sleeves and pillows! So we are trying to find a machine that can finish jersey like they do for store bought tees! So maybe by winter we can sew soft jersey!

And regular things to expect, all our print images will be fresh and new! and printed by hand by us:)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

vendor profile: Just Sewing

Natasha Just of Just Sewing began playing with fabric on her grandmother’s vintage sewing machine when she was a little girl and still uses this machine today. For ten years she has been passionate about quilting--combining fabrics in both traditional and modern patterns. After becoming a mother, she began sewing one-of-a-kind baby blankets with colourful, inspiring fabrics. Both pre-made and custom nursery sets are available, including crib sheets, change pad covers and blankets in coordinating fabrics. Remnant fabric is used to create smaller items such as mittens, toys and bandana bibs for babies and toddlers, and lavender-scented eye pillows for mamas who need to relax. Diaper inserts for cloth diapers made from hemp/organic cotton fabric are also available. Finding creative ways to minimize unused material is one of the most challenging joys of her business. Another wonderful challenge is to continue learning new techniques. Just Sewing has recently acquired a large-scale quilting machine and Natasha is excited to discover ways to incorporate quilting into her items. Stay tuned for news at or contact Natasha directly at

vendor profile: Red Head Aromatherapy

I am an aromatherapist and have spent many years creating spiritual and medicinal blends for myself, friends and family. Having struggled with health problems these last few years I have learned as much as I could about alternative healing. In doing so have found so much of ones well being comes from learning to take care of one's self. So I decided to create my own company and share what I have learnt over the last 14 years. I make medicinal blends but also just enjoyable synergistic and relaxing blends. Along with soaps, bath bombs, sprays and I create many products to take care of your body and soul in a natural way.

Monday, December 1, 2014

vendor profile: Junipermoon

I can't help but be drawn into the magic of puppets. I love how little movements of the hand can bring life to a bit of cloth and I love how stories find their way out.
The endless possibilities for style and character keep me up late making.
Kids, baking and other fun things get me going early.

vendor profile: Natalie Gerber


As an artist, designer and maker I am inspired to create functional design for everyday living. While craftsmanship is important to my creative process, so too is function. I combine my love for illustration, surface design, clean lines and hand-printed fabrics with conscious material choices and in-studio practices. 

My South African background influences my aesthetic, while inspiration is drawn from styles that include Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern design. From detailed sketches to mark making and loose line drawings, I explore the above within my work and transfer the imagery onto textiles through silkscreen printing. 

While my studio focus is on boutique textile printing I am further motivated by interdisciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations. Creative alliances provide opportunities for knowledge sharing that I believe contribute to rounding out my experience as an artist and designer. 

This ethos has extended into my studio practice through special projects with a social responsibility - most recently collaborating with a group of artists to develop imagery for print in the township of KwaDabeka. Located outside of my hometown of Durban, KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. This fair trade opportunity has inspired me to further explore community initiatives that support sustainable futures.

NATALIE GERBER began her studies in 1995 at The Natal Technikon, in the Fashion Design program, Durban (South Africa). After immigrating to Canada her interests in textiles and design developed while studying classical tailoring and couture design under Calgary designer Mithè de Fontenay. Enrolling at the Alberta College of Art & Design, Natalie earned a BFA Degree (with Distinction) in Fibre/Textiles in 2003, and later in 2007, a post-graduate Certificate in Creative Pattern Cutting for the Fashion Industry, from the London College of Fashion in London (England).

Natalie currently maintains a full time studio practice in Calgary and is represented in boutiques and galleries across Canada.

INSTAGRAM: natalie_gerber
TWITTER: natalie_gerber
FACEBOOK: Natalie Gerber