Sunday, April 15, 2012

Now that it's all over, a recap of how it all went down...

Our dear Erin is such a fantastic photographer. She captured some of the magic of our Spring Market this weekend to share with you. I hope you enjoy it.

Many thanks again to everyone, the vendors, the volunteers, the public who came out to support local, independent, handmade craft. It was an amazing weekend. We were thrilled by the community support of flock & gather - we feel the love! Thanks!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Market Artisan Profile: Shauna Buck

Spring Market Artisan Profile: Walden Sweet Design

We love to make pretty things. We love to screen print. What could be better than that.

"I took a shower washing every body part with actual soap; including all my major crevices; including in between my toes and in my belly button, which I never did before but sort of enjoyed. I washed my hair with adult formula shampoo and used cream rinse for that just washed shine. I can't seem to find my toothbrush, so I'll pick one up when I go out today. Other than that, I'm in good shape."
-quote from the film Home Alone

Spring Market Artisan Profile: Carole Epp