Thursday, April 30, 2015

vendor profile: Worsted Rose

Worsted Rose is a home based business run by Tara Bobbi. Her Crochet critters are made without the use of any patterns, which makes each creation unique. She began her adventure into the world of crochet by making toques and scarves for loved ones. Then one day a toque started looking more like a squid body and from there on she has been creating critters for all to love.

You can contact Worsted Rose by:
worstedrose on Instagram

vendor profile: Whim Catering

From office lunches to wedding banquets Erica has been the creative force behind Whim. Influenced by what is tasty, scrumptious and 'eye candy' for the taste buds Whim offers up an array of comfort food that will satisfy any palate. The love of creativity and community is what drives Erica & Whim to do the things she loves and to offer up tasty morsels for those that she serves. For all your catering needs; whether small or large groups, Whim is ready to dream up the perfect menu to satisfy and impress your guests!

You can find Whim on Facebook, Instagram or visit her website.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

vendor profile: Vector Coffee Company

Vector Coffee brings espresso equipment to your event and crafts specialty coffee drinks for you and your guests. Daryl Grunau is a experienced Barista who can ensure that you get top quality handcrafted beverages each and every time. Speciality coffee has so much to offer and is a world that we love to share and introduce to those unfamiliar.

You can find Vector Coffee Company on Facebook, Instagram, or visit his website.

vendor profile: Toodlebunny

I grew up in a small town on Vancouver Island and have always had an inherent fascination with how things were made. As a young child I'd be in my fathers workshop, taking things apart to see how they worked. Although the subsequent recreating of the objects didn't always prove successful, these first experiences were the underlying beginnings of a self-taught jewellery designer.

I have an extensive palette to draw from as a mixed media jewellery designer. Inspiration for my work begins with the discovery of the materials themselves. The uniqueness of the materials that I use (ex .re-purposing found objects not originally intended for jewellery such as vintage military medals, coins, decorative spoon ends, leather, lace, silk) and mixing metals produces endless design possibilities. The pieces are rich with textures, asymmetry and color combinations. This uninhibited approach to design with these materials has allowed me to create my own niche as well as numerous one of a kind designs.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

vendor profile: Swish & Craft

My name is Savannah Mae and I work under the name Swish and Craft. When I was growing up, my mother and her friend created the word swish to replace the word relaxing and taking time to yourself. Which is essentially what I do while I am crafting. The majority of my work is created while I am marathon-ing bad t.v. shows in my sweats. I have explored all types of creative mediums, but embroidery is what has stuck with me the most. My embroidery work showcases my quirky sense of humor through quotes and imagery that is easily relatable or a modern spin on positive affirmations. As my friend Serah would say, "You make things that people hang up in their homes and incorporate into their lives which is, like, so cool." To put it simply, that is my goal with my hoop art. You can check out my work (and dogs) on instagram by following @shittyweekend !

Monday, April 27, 2015

vendor profile: Sweet Jane Studio

Sweet Jane Studio is based in the Canadian Prairies and where you'll find fun and unexpected children's clothing and home/life accessories. An antidote to the mass produced, poor quality products found at chain stores, Sweet Jane Studio makes heirloom quality items that will last.

Taking inspiration from 1950s, 60s & 70s pop culture, products from Sweet Jane Studio are uncomplicated yet charming and will bring a smile to the face of the person who uses them.

Crystal Tracy is the Grand Poohbah and she founded Sweet Jane Studio in 2010. She is obsessed with vintage fabrics and patterns and you'll find most of her work incorporates vintage fabric whenever possible.

Follow Sweet Jane Studio here:
instagram: @sweetjanestudio

vendor profile: Small Shapes Pottery

Small Shapes is a small handmade ceramics label produced by Leeane Berger. Inspired by simplicity and shape, each product is created by hand with a focus on maintaining the handmade character of each piece, whether functional or an intimate piece of decor. Formerly a sound and video artist Leeane Berger continues to evolve, with a current emphasis on one-of-a-kind vessels and experimental art objects.


Small Shapes Pottery can be found on Facebook and instagram.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

vendor profile: Shannon R Welch Jewellery

I have been making jewellery for 15 years and have spent this time trying to grow and expand my knowledge of working with metals and precious stones. My wish is to continually evolve and refine my technique as a "maker." In this I have been supported by my love, Jean-Francois, and my loves, Nadeige and Torin - whose patience I am eternally grateful for. My work can be found on my Facebook page - Shannon R Welch Jewellery and my Instagram - ShannonRaeWelch.