Wednesday, April 29, 2015

vendor profile: Toodlebunny

I grew up in a small town on Vancouver Island and have always had an inherent fascination with how things were made. As a young child I'd be in my fathers workshop, taking things apart to see how they worked. Although the subsequent recreating of the objects didn't always prove successful, these first experiences were the underlying beginnings of a self-taught jewellery designer.

I have an extensive palette to draw from as a mixed media jewellery designer. Inspiration for my work begins with the discovery of the materials themselves. The uniqueness of the materials that I use (ex .re-purposing found objects not originally intended for jewellery such as vintage military medals, coins, decorative spoon ends, leather, lace, silk) and mixing metals produces endless design possibilities. The pieces are rich with textures, asymmetry and color combinations. This uninhibited approach to design with these materials has allowed me to create my own niche as well as numerous one of a kind designs.

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