Tuesday, April 28, 2015

vendor profile: Swish & Craft

My name is Savannah Mae and I work under the name Swish and Craft. When I was growing up, my mother and her friend created the word swish to replace the word relaxing and taking time to yourself. Which is essentially what I do while I am crafting. The majority of my work is created while I am marathon-ing bad t.v. shows in my sweats. I have explored all types of creative mediums, but embroidery is what has stuck with me the most. My embroidery work showcases my quirky sense of humor through quotes and imagery that is easily relatable or a modern spin on positive affirmations. As my friend Serah would say, "You make things that people hang up in their homes and incorporate into their lives which is, like, so cool." To put it simply, that is my goal with my hoop art. You can check out my work (and dogs) on instagram by following @shittyweekend !

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