Monday, November 30, 2015

Vendor Profile: Just Sewing

I began playing with fabric on my grandmother’s sewing machine when I was a little girl and still use her vintage machine today. For over ten years I have been passionate about quilting--combining fabrics in both traditional and modern patterns. I believe that fabric is inspiring and a powerful design tool. Whether it's a baby blanket in a nursery, a mini quilt hanging on the wall, a cushion on your favourite chair, a tea towel hanging on the oven handle, or a quilt thrown over the back of the couch, fabrics bring life to our homes. I only hope to share my love of fabrics and all that they can create.

Natasha Just


You can find Just Sewing on Facebook or Instagram!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Vendor Profile: Krisjan Jude Photography

Korey Hamm  is obsessed with capturing the beauty of real life. 
Born and raised on the prairies, he has a passion for finding charm in our every day world. 
Korey loves trying new and different approaches to photography, and finding that exact moment when nobody is ready for the camera but everyone looks perfect!


Korey will be in charge of the photo booth on the stage during this market.  You can find out more about Korey on his website!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Vendor Profile: Willow & Wheat

Willow & Wheat started out of my love for fun, fresh prints for baby blankets for my 2 little boys. I had a hard time finding nice, modern prints for baby boys so I took matters into my own hands!  

I am a stay at home mom and this allows me to have a creative outlet while spending time with my boys. I have added bibs, teething rings and other items and will continue to add new products in the future.  


You can find Willow & Wheat on Instagram and Etsy!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Vendor Profile: Vector Coffee

As a Barista in Saskatoon I was recently voted by Planet S Magazine as "Best Barista" in the city. I strive to bring a handcrafted and personal touch to serve others, while honouring the coffee, and the farmers that produce it. I bring espresso equipment to your event and craft specialty coffee drinks for any occasion. Pricing starts at just $300 for groups under 50 people for minimum 2hrs of service. Or arrange for a pop-up cafe to compliment your business by adding top quality drinks for sale into your great retail, office, church or other place of business.


You can find Vector Coffee on their website, Facebook and Instagram!

Vendor Profile: Twisted Trees

Twisted Trees was started by my sister and I not to long ago. What started as a birthday gift has now expanded! What we make are Wire Tree Sculptures. Wire Trees are sculpted by twisting single strands of wire together to form roots, trunks, branches and leaves. Each wire tree is unique and looks very different from one another. The trees are mainly twisted by hand however some of the heavier gage wire trees require pliers to twist the trunk and heavier branches.


You can find Twisted Trees on their website!

Vendor Profile: The Night Oven

The Night Oven Bakery is a locally owned business located in north downtown. They source and mill their own flour, bake hand shaped artisan breads in a woodfired oven, create unique rustic pastries, and generally put a heck of a lot of care into all of the products they make.

This year The Night Oven will be the market food vendor. Look for their take on some delicious consciously source food and pastries along side their seasonal winter products such as Stollen, Panettone, French Soft Nougat, Organic Fruitcake, Cookies, etc.


You can find The Night Oven on their website, Instagram and Facebook!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Vendor Profile: Swish & Craft

My name is Savannah Pinsent and I work under the name Swish & Craft. The word "Swish" was created by my mom and her friend when they were in elementary school and it loosely translates to relaxing and taking time for yourself. Swishing is what I am doing while I am crafting. I have experimented with a lot of different creative mediums over my 28 years but, embroidery is what has always stuck with me the most. I have always said that there is so much beauty in the world that I didn't know what to do with my hands, but I think I finally found something to keep them busy. My hoop art showcases my quirky sense of humor or is a modern spin on age old affirmations. I also make polymer clay magnets of tiny junk food & a rotation of other little goodies that I feel so lucky to get to share with the lovely people of Saskatoon. You can lurk my work & an obscene amount of photos of my teeny tiny dogs @shittyweekend or find Swish & Craft on etsy!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vendor Profile: Sweet Living Co.

Hi there! At Sweet Living Co. we have created an outstanding artisan-style organic skincare line, packaged in glass containers and beautifully illustrated boxes. We focus on local ingredients, like Saskatchewan raw honey and grass-fed Tallow, Alberta Seabuckthorn, and Canadian Meadowfoam seed oil. The remainder of our ingredients are sourced as ethically and sustainably as possible.  

What makes our family business so special is that our formulas are based on old heirloom recipes (yes, all those pics on the labels are real - not stock!). At Sweet Living Co., we have a range of products that appeal to Vegans and Paleos, and we never test on animals... only friends!  

You can read all about Sweet Living Co., our products, ingredients, and story on our website. And don't forget to check our FB and Insta pages.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Vendor Profile: Studio Sparkes

Raised in the prairies and captivated by the sea and mountains, designer Jody Sparkes crafts each piece of jewellery herself in her home studio in Squamish, British Columbia. Drawing inspiration from worldly textiles, her natural surroundings and soulful bohemian charm, Jody’s designs are gracefully free-spirited and uniquely sophisticated.  

As a child, she learned the traditional art of beadwork in a small community in Northern Saskatchewan. Using her fine arts and graphic design background, Jody has fused this gift with the elements and principals of design in making her jewellery. Each piece is skillfully handcrafted with great attention to detail, creating a radiant collection that explores color and pattern with polished precision. Using high quality seed beads, diverse metal trimmings, and carefully selected semi-precious stones, her intricate patterns are delicately expressed through her fingertips.  

Jody’s jewellery is for the creative, connected and elegantly wild. She designs for the sincerely sensitive who love their friends like their sisters, for the quietly fierce who wish upon the stars, and for those in search of lightweight and versatile pieces that are easily paired with anything from jeans and a t-shirt to an evening dress.


You can find Studio Sparkes on her website, Instagram and Facebook!