Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Vendor Profile: Birch Artisan Studio

Following my creative passion I recently launched a line of handmade wood and semiprecious stone jewelry, Birch Artisan Studio - some of you know as just Birch!  

My wood jewelry is cut, sanded, sized, set and finished by hand, each piece selected for its unique grain or pattern. The birch wood pieces are harvested just north of Saskatoon from standing dead fall (no cutting down of live trees!) that I collect on hiking trips. The exotic hardwood come from up-cycling from other wood projects and donated from other artisans or purchased if necessary from companies that support sustainably managed forests. The environment is very important to me so I'm doing my best to participate in its protection!  

I weave all my semiprecious wrap bracelets by hand, set all my own stones and fasten and finish every piece. I recently started learning wire wrapping so you’ll find an assortment of dainty little wire-wrapped rings available!


You can find Birch Artisan Studio on Instagram and Etsy!

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