Monday, April 6, 2015

vendor profile: @lingbird Art Photography

This is my life . . . through my lens.

I am a physical therapist by profession, but a "photographer" by passion. Photography is my creative outlet, inherited from my mother, who let me use her old Nikkromat camera when I was a child. I love to take photos. It calms and grounds me. When life gets chaotic, my camera balances me and reminds me to see things for their simple beauty.

All of my images are photographs that I have taken with my Nikon D60 or iPhone and edited on my iPhone. Many of my photographs are from my travels around Canada and to the United States, South Africa, Costa Rica, and Cuba. I prefer minimalistic themes and soft tones. I like to experiment with creative manipulation editing techniques to create more abstract and surreal images.

Last year I took a break from photography and took on the role of a first-time-mom. But, in what little spare time I had, I started to work with jewelry making, creating earrings and necklaces using my images. I am happy to now be able to include jewelry in my product line.

My images can be viewed from my Instagram account (lingbird) or my Facebook Page (@lingbird Art Photography).

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