Saturday, December 1, 2012

Winter Wonders Artisan Profile: Brenda Wolf



It has only been recently that I have discovered a passion for clay.  As a new potter, I am constantly trying new things, whether it is throwing a new form or trying a new decorating technique….the ideas in my head just won’t stop!  That being said,  I am also  in love with all things distressed…tattered remnants of fabric, scraps of lace and ribbon, lost and found buttons, chipped and peeling paint.   So it seemed a perfect fit to incorporate those things into my new found love…clay.  Long ago, I would sew animals, stained by tea or coffee, attaching odd bits of lace or ribbon to them, sewing old buttons or fabric scraps to faces.  Now I roll tiny balls of clay into little shapes, rolling pieces flat, texturing them with scraps of lace, netting or fabric and attach these to the faces and bodies of my whimsical, somewhat primitive, lidded jars.

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