Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Wonders Artisan Profile - Dear Pony

Here at flock & gather we like to showcase the best of the best of the local community (because really there is some amazing stuff going on here in Saskatoon and on the prairies!). But we do like to spice it up with a few traveling wonders. And so winning the prize for the longest distance traveled to be a part of Winter Wonders Handmade Market is the lovely Tracey of Dear Pony - coming to you all the way from Nelson BC!

In her words:
"I live on top of a hill surrounded by the forest.
Being surrounded by nature on a daily basis I have to admit I find my inspiration in design blogs and trips to cities. I need that balance. My favourite things in life are snowboarding, hiking with my dogs, reading a book on a tropical beach with the love of my life and flying somewhere far away where millions of people live amongst concrete.
I love to sew, garden and recently discovered I also love to work with clay.
I also love delicious dinners and wine.
I make everything my self using natural and organic as much as possible."

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