Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Winter Wonders Artisan Profile: Earth.People.Soap

Earth.People.Soap makes body and home products that are good for people and the Earth. And fun!  Like Monster Spray to help kids (and parents) sleep at night and Smell Be Gone bathroom spray that costs much less than the hazmat suit you sometimes wish for. And hand milled, low pH soap and shampoo bars made with ingredients from around the world, like Hawaiian Coconut, African Cocoa Butter and mud scooped from the dead sea. And body butter? You'll want to eat it. And that's okay, because it's made of edible ingredients, so you can moisturize your body or your poor chapped lips.

Our products are made with food grade and fair trade oils and butters that are good for people & the Earth. They contain no parabens, SLS, Methylisothiazolinone, Triclosan or chemicals that are bad for you. Because if you can't say it, why would you put it on your skin or spray it into the air you breathe? Which just goes to show you can be clean and be green.

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