Friday, November 2, 2012

Winter Wonders Artisan Profile: K V D Creations

My name is Kristin van den Driesen.  I have always been into one craft or another since I was young.  Whether it was making necklaces, painting, crochetting or knitting (which is two of my favorite things to do).  My grandmother and her craftiness of quilting, sewing, crochetting and knitting me always had me asking questions about what she was doing and how.  Her talent has always inspired me.  Over the years my grandmother has helped me with the quality of my crafting.  Soon, my friends would see my knitted items that I was wearing and say, "oh, I love that, can you make me one".  I then became very busy making things for my friends, and then following, their friends would ask for one and that became my small, casual, word of mouth business.  It then continued and became that friends of friends would be requesting a knitted cowl, or crochetted baby toque and I then gave my business a name, K VD Creations and became active on facebook. 

I love what I do, I love creating.  I have never been the cookie cutter type and I design all my own items, I have never used a pattern, I make up my own.  I have a passion for showing your individuality through what you wear and I am so honored when someone requests I make them one of my quarky chunky chains and then later I see them wearing it down Broadway in Saskatoon and it makes me smile. 
I often get bugged for what I do but I say, GO AHEAD, call me an old lady, I think crochetting is cool!!!


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