Thursday, October 31, 2013

Watch for it around town...Winter Wonders 2013

We love being able to start November by showing off our new poster for Winter Wonders 2013! Another beautiful design by Shauna Buck. 
Most people are usually surprised to hear that our posters are hand printed. That's right, over 400 posters made their way through the hands of Wayne and Dana in their studio a few weeks ago. You might wonder why we choose to do this...well, it's because we want the posters to be special - and for anyone who has seen them around, they have an obvious quality that just can't be reached any other way.  Also, we naturally try to keep as many elements of this show as DIY as possible - we have all this talent, we gotta use it! 
 Here is a peek into the making process::

Look for these lovely posters around town in the weeks leading up to the show!

1 comment:

  1. Wayne and Dana do such a nice job of printing and the retro feel of this one! I love the poster I have. It's a little work of art and looks so nice hanging on my studio wall! Hope to make it there this year!!!