Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter Wonders Artisan Profile: Hoakon + Helga

I have a love for the past and its romanticism. Because of this I named Hoakon + Helga after my Norwegian Grandparents.

Hoakon + Helga creates one of a kind handmade handbags using vintage leather jackets. No two will ever be the same. We carefully hand select jackets at local thrift stores based on their leather quality, color, shape and pocket detail. The process of creating your bag is a meticulous one, a lot of love and care goes in to each step.

Though the bag silhouettes are similar, each one takes on its own set of visual characteristics due to the nature of the initial recycled vintage jacket. Each one is different in color, shape and pocket design. The result is a bag that each owner can call one of a kind.


We like to think of her as the modern day bohemian. One who loves the idea of combining vintage and new items in her wardrobe. She listens to old records, rides her bike wherever she can, loves to enjoy the simple pleasures in life like tea on a sunny morning, and the smell of cookies baking in the oven. She is one that knows who she is and that beauty lies in all facets of her and her life.


Andi grew up spending lots of time in her mother’s antique store. This gave her a love of the past and an interest in collecting vintage. She started going to thrift stores at an early age hunting for clothes, and as soon as she was able to move out on her own, her apartment quickly became furnished with treasures she’d collect on her thrifting adventures.

Andi started designing bags while she was in art school achieving her Fine Arts degree. Andi majored in textiles and quickly developed a passion for dyeing fabrics, screenprinting and sewing the materials she’d create in to handbags.
Shortly after graduating, she opened up her first online store on Etsy showcasing her one of a kind creations. This shop quickly became her full time job as her bags developed a following. An extensive amount of repeat customers covet and collect her bags based on quality and style that she offers.

Now, nearly 5 years later, Andi has a downtown studio space outside of her apartment with the most amazing daylight. From her humble beginnings of selling bags in art school to now, the passion and excitement still resides. Her latest passion Made By Andi, is her business blog – Here she shares with other handmade business owners tips and tricks that she’s learned along the way. She is incredibly passionate about teaching the extensive knowledge that she has learned and is dedicated in doing so through her blog. Visit her there at

When she’s not working in the studio or blogging, you can find her at thrift stores looking for old kitchen items and brass deer ornaments. She’s a bike rider, tea drinker, beet juice maker, and lover of old Hitchcock movies.

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