Sunday, August 2, 2015

Vendor Profile : Soulfari Jewelry

Sarah Anderson is the jewelry designer for burgeoning company, Soulfari Jewelry, based in Saskatoon, SK. The unique name Soulfari comes from the blending of two words, "soul" and "safari". Safari means journey in Swahili, and Soulfari is meant to embody a meaningful journey. 

Sarah finds inspiration in faraway lands like Greece, Morocco, India, and Nepal, and blends this with her personal aesthetic using a rich palette of colours and textures. Soulfari Jewelry's aesthetic could be described as refined, edgy, and bohemian. 

Her materials are sourced both locally and abroad, including components from France, Turkey, and Thailand, as well as leather from a local farm and bullet casings from local hunters. She works with semiprecious stones in many of her pieces as well as other natural materials like hand-etched bison leather, bone beads, and dyed cotton thread. Many steps go into most pieces with weaving, metal plating, etching, beading, dyeing, and drilling happening often! 

You can find Soulfari on Instagram/Twitter @soulfarijewelry and online.

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