Saturday, February 5, 2011

Behind the scenes with Walden Sweet printing posters for next weekend's sale.

The calm before the storm. Everything is prepared and ready to begin printing.

Printing the first colour.

This is the first print of the first colour. Only 159 more to go! The "squeegee gods" were on our side with this colour everything went very smooth.

The screen prepared for the second colour.

I don't think we realized what we were getting into before we started. The stack of 160 sheets sure did look intimidating waiting for the second of three colours. This was the largest single run we had done to date.

After some intense deliberations and a number of failed attempts at getting the perfect teal, we switched colours and went with a denim type blue. We thought it was soft and sweet and complimented the image well. An action shot printing the second colour. The"squeegee gods" weren't so kind with this run.

The second colour drying. We don't have a proper drying rack, and this many sheets of paper drying at once stretched our space limitations to the limit. Every available flat surface in the studio was covered in paper.

The poster with the first two colours done. Only one more to go!

The third and final colour being printed, and the final poster finished! Time to go home to bed (after we finish cleaning the screens.....)

The final piece. Look for these all over town this week, and we hope to see you at the market on Saturday.

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  1. This is amazing you guys! thanks so much for all the hard work. The posters look fantastic.