Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Artist Profile: Erin Jarrett Weiss of Boolah Baguette

once upon a time there was a girl who couldn't stop making things. she baked cookies and painted pictures, embroidered, crocheted, dyed, drew and cut and pasted. she was never quite satisfied with store bought items and was always trying to make them herself.

she learned how to sew and knew that she was happier if she created things everyday.

then one day she met a boy who didn't think all her creating was strange, and they applied their do-it-yourself spirit to everything. and then there was a baby and there began a business of making little clothes and toys and things that children and parents would love.

and the business grew to include bags and toys and dolls for the young at heart too.

and that girl still makes things everyday - she still draws whimsical little people on everything she can. she is always learning. she is still in love with color and pattern and textiles and things that make her heart melty with cuteness.

That girl is Erin of Boolah Baguette. Check out more of her cuteness here.

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