Saturday, February 5, 2011

Artist Profile: Walden Sweet

Dana Mastel (co-collaborator)
Likes: patterns, coffee, mountains, biking riding, and my cat "Ninja"
Dislikes: cold winter days, mosquitoes, and picking dandelions
Specialities: anything to do with colour and paper

Wayne Jorgenson (co-collaborator)
Likes: movies, campfires, clouds, and good music
Dislikes: cutting the grass, crawling bugs, and dusting the house
Specialities: screen printing and technical problems

We dream of a time when people sat at a desk to write letters to friends and family. A time when the anticipation of a letter arriving was as valuable as the letter itself; when writing your thoughts in a journal left you a personal keepsake to cherish years from now.

Take the time to write a letter, or fill a journal with your thoughts, and treasure waiting.

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