Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Market Artisan Profile: Purl Necklace

Hi! My name is Amy Zicker and I am a fibre artist living in Lloydminster. While I have dabbled in felting and crochet; and definitely know my way around a self-made knitting pattern or two, my true passion is in dying and spinning up yarns.

I enjoy the dye pots on my stove, the intermingling of colours and fibres in my drum carder and the gentle ‘whir’ of my spinning wheel as I work. I like to refer to my yarns as ‘one-skein-wonders’ because only upon special request will I spin more than one skein of the same dye lot.

This means each skein I happily and lovingly spin is a unique creation that can then be taken by someone else and crafted into his or her own work of art. And, to me there is just something so special about hand making supplies for others to craft with – I enjoy being a part of different folk’s creative process (and seeing their finished projects of course). Really, nothing could be more rewarding.

My yarns and knits are available online on my facebook page ‘purl necklace’.

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