Friday, April 22, 2011

Artist Profile: Chelley Rae

And last but never least - since you can never have too much cuteness at a f&g market we are pleased to welcome Chelley Rae's collection to the event.

In her words:
I Grew up in a home where, creating art was important, It was how my mother made her living. We had a Ceramic/Art studio in the basement of our home. I began selling my hand crafted items about 18 years ago in a shop that my mom owned for 13 years, she has now retired........but I still felt the need to create so about 2 years ago I created ChellyRae. Over the years I have worked with many different types of materials, Ceramic, clay, floral, wood, current obsession is Felt and Fabrics! I love to create and I create what I love!
I currently live in Saskatoon with my husband and two daughters (who also love to create art)
In addition to creating art.... I also work part time as an Educational Assistant.


Well that covers it for invited guests. You'll also find the f&g members and their wares at the market. Want a refresher of who the collective is? Check out our profile pages here:

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