Tuesday, November 25, 2014

vendor profile: Made By Andi

As a full-time business educator over at The Dream Job Shop, one of my favourite passions is to be able to create jewelry and accessories with my own two hands.

Originally I started my creative journey making handbags full-time from vintage leather jackets. But after sewing over 2,000 bags, my motivation level decided that it might be time to try something new.

At that point, I began to play with jewelry and instantly fell in love. I love the idea of creating pieces that delicately enhance the wearer, versus take all the attention away from them - for that reason my designs focus on simplicity. I'm also really inspired by the colour turquoise and how it compliments brass so nicely - I'm ever exploring new ways that this pairing can help me express my ideas.

I don't think I'll ever fully get away from sewing and textiles. I like to think it's in my blood at this point and makes up the core of who I am. I really love to create simple clutches with bold pattern choices and leather accents. These are easy for women to carry as an accent at parties, or throw in a bigger bag to help organize their stuff.

Having the ability to create jewelry and accessories helps me to explore my passion and balance everything out. And although I now spend my days over at The Dream Job shop helping other creative business owners learn the business side of things, I'll never be able to put away the creative side of my own journey.



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