Saturday, November 8, 2014

vendor profile: Oneiro


Oneiro (pronounced oh-nair-oh) comes from the word oneirology, which is the study of dreams. My business specializes in handcrafted contemporary dreamcatchers and jewelry, which consists mostly of crystals and chain that can adorn any part of your body. From body chains, headpieces, necklaces to earrings, name a body part and I've made a piece of jewelry for it. My recent obsession with learning the energy powers of different crystals has added another element to my jewelry and my dreamcatchers. Each dreamcatcher is made with found objects, reclaimed materials, antique lace and a whole lot of love. Whether you’re looking for jewelry to create a statement for your outfit, a dreamcatcher to keep above your bed or gift to someone special, it’s a pleasure to see anything I make appreciated as a gift or a personal treat.
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