Monday, April 25, 2016

Vendor Profile: ceramics ceramics is a Saskatoon based studio focused on producing thoughtfully and beautifully made functional ceramics. Each piece is made by hand - wheel thrown or slab built by Robyn Larsen in her home studio. Robyn's education and background in architecture and design has influenced her ceramic design and production processes. Her fascination with simple, delicate and understated aesthetics lend to her minimalistic approach to functional ceramics. She is focused on producing functional ware to be used and loved daily. She believes in the importance of thoughtful and quality made goods. Robyn lives and works in Saskatoon as both a ceramic artist and as an architectural designer. To stay in touch or to get more information, current listings and upcoming show information, visit ceramics on Instagram (@rstudioceramics), Facebook (rstudio ceramics) or her website.

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