Monday, April 18, 2016

Vendor Profile: Lone Tree Handcrafted

My love for nature and desire to create have led me to start Lone Tree Handcrafted. I have dedicated Lone Tree to creating quality, long lasting, sustainable, cutting boards. I believe there is character and beauty hidden among what many may see as imperfections and I use that to inspire the outcome of each board. Lone Tree prides itself on the fact that each cutting board is unique - no two boards are the same. Throughout the process, great care and attention to detail is taken. From salvaging wood, to spending hours carving, shaping, and hand sanding. The boards are then treated with a homemade, all natural, finish made with local beeswax. 
It's been great being able to share my designs and kitchen table with family and friends and I look forward to sharing my products with the community.

You can find Lone Tree Handcrafted on their website and instagram.

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