Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter Wonders Artisan Profile: FLUX Art Studio - Karlie King and Jay Kimball

Jay Kimball is a full time award winning ceramic artist and art educator. He produces artworks that live in the space between Art, Craft, and Design. He creates functional and non-functional ceramics focused on texture, colour, and balance. He work is collected nationally, and he is presently the Artist-in-Residence at Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre.

He is the co-proprietor of Flux Fine Art Studio in Mervin, SK with his partner Karlie King. And he is a proud father of Sophie (4) and Reuben (2).
Jay = kimballjay@gmail.co

Karlie King:

I'm a multimedia artist living in Mervin, SK. At Flock & Gather's Spring Market I will be showcasing some of my ceramic tiles from a series entitled "Buttons, Baking, & the Backyard," which was exhibited at Chapel Gallery in North Battleford, SK (2011) and at the Campbell River Art Gallery, BC (2013). The impetus for these tiles was a coming to terms with a new way of working artistically. As mother of two, I no longer have the luxury of of solitary art-time or a controlled environment. I am never alone and my environment is a pleasant state of chaos determined by buttons, baking, and the backyard. Therefore, these tiles are layered impressions of my life: both literally and metaphorically. The layers are comprised of buttons, items required for baking, and things found in the backyard (be it stuff from the garden, a close-pin that fell off the line, or a golf ball that never quite made it back in the bag).


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