Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Springtime Handmade Market Vendor Profile: coucou salut

coucou salut is a Montreal-based business that acts as an outlet to combine my love of illustration, pattern, and screen printing.

My goal is to make you smile! My circles aren’t perfectly round and my squares aren’t always square. I strive to create fun, goofy, and accessible textiles that both a child and a parent can love, in the form of apparel and soft home furnishings.

I choose to work with a gender-neutral color palette so that my designs have longevity. I want them to be cherished so they can be kept for generations and passed down to the next little one in line.

Everything I create is carefully designed and constructed, and in keeping with my sustainable ethos, hand-pulled in small runs using water-based dyes and sustainable fabrics. I strongly believe in supporting my community, and source everything I can from local or Canadian-based suppliers.


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