Monday, April 14, 2014

Springtime Handmade Market Vendor Profile: AVW Photography + Home Decor

 I'm Amy Victoria!

I grew up in rural Northwestern Ontario, where I indeed rode my skidoo to the neighbours' house in winter! My backyard was the pebbled shores of Lake Superior, and the endless acres of rolling fields at my family home.

I have a penchant for antiquities and history, and love to create original photographic images that I then build into functioning artwork and home décor. My work has a sentimental Canadiana aspect to it which others are drawn to. My father and I still work out of the original workshop at my grandparents farm building all the frameworks for my wooden pieces.

I am inspired by the areas in which I spend my time when I am not working. These areas include the aspen covered slopes, summits of mountains in the Rocky Mountains where I am now lucky enough to live, and the wide open plains & skies of Saskatchewan are the subject of many of my works as the drive from Canmore to Saskatoon is a regular route to visit family! I come from rural roots, and as I grow older I realize that these roots play a major role in the work I now create.

I travel both far and wide and within my backyard of Western Canada to record the world I see on film to inspire others to live creatively.

Instagram: @picobac

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