Saturday, April 12, 2014

Springtime Handmade Market Vendor: Say Hi To Daffodil

The spark of Say Hi To Daffodil first fire-worked in the fabulous prairie skies of Saskatchewan. As a child in small northern communities, I first learned the traditional art of bead work. Carrying this creative passion throughout the years led me to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts, as well as further education in Graphic Design.

Throughout my adventures, I became fascinated with how travel and small spaces influence the act of creating. From living in a tiny apartment in South Korea, to a sailboat on the west coast of BC, I experimented with ways my art could evolve while being physically confined. Stringing semi-precious stones and beads on wire and string provided the perfect channel for exploration. 

Say Hi To Daffodil is the evolution of my drawings and doodles into the intricate art of ornamentation. With a love for the earth's colorful palette and changing seasons, my unique patterns echo the whimsical world, delicately digested and filtered through my fingertips.


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