Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Springtime Handmade Market Vendor Profile: Salgado Fenwick

 Salgado Fenwick is made up two innovative ladies from Alberta.

We make our art work and creative style into wearable garments for the free at heart.

Salgado Fenwick's quality garments are hand silkscreened with limited edition art work. Each season we set out to create an entirely new collection of 4-5 prints. Our imagery features animals, mythical creatures and nature.

We cant wait to bring you into our world of classic playful style. Rare made additions of garments are made every season.

How its made;
We prefer to silkscreen the old school way. We hand draw all our images, including separate drawings for each colour. We then hand mix colours, which produces some colour variation between shirts even within a run.

Blog- http://salgadofenwick.blogspot.ca/
webpage- www.salgadofenwick.com
facebook- https://www.facebook.com/salgado.fenwick
twitter- https://twitter.com/SalgadoFenwick
instagram- http://www.instavillage.com/salgadofenwick/
Style video- http://vimeo.com/75712477

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