Sunday, July 26, 2015

Vendor Profile: My True Luminosity

My Creative Love Affair

I handcraft original pieces of wearable art from new materials, a combination of reworked vintage jewelry, and vintage items. I have been creating and crafting in different mediums since a very young age, my youngest brother once told me he realized very early on that I wasn't truly happy unless I was doing something creative. I have many hobbies, I'm passionate about landscaping/gardening, fish keeping, cooking and photography, but I am addicted to creating jewelry. I get a thrill out of combining elements from old weathered and oxidized metals and materials with bright pops colourful beads, or touches of brilliant crystal, rough cut stones and flashy chains. Currently my favourite materials to work with are vintage/antique hinges and locks made from brass, copper and silver. I love the combination of seeing these tarnished vintage pieces with a pop of bling; certainly everyone can always use a little "bling" to brighten their day. I find the creative process extremely calming and of course very gratifying. I hope to create pieces in line with current trends while not following any trend in particular I'm just creating.... my true luminosity.

Desiree Moody

For a more detailed viewing of my obsessions you can find me on Instagram @mytrueluminosity

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