Wednesday, July 22, 2015

vendor profile: Cherry Tree Woodworks

I have always had an interest in woodworking. I am self taught and have never taken a lesson or course for woodworking. I used to love watching New Yankee Workshop on TV and seeing him create things from just a few boards of lumber and wanting to do it myself. For about 7 years I built custom cabinetry but now I am building what I really love. Small items such as jewelry boxes, keepsake boxes, cutting boards, charcuterie boards and furniture all made out of solid hardwoods. Everything I build is inspired by the wood itself and if there is a unique feature about a piece of wood I make sure that it is seen because that is what makes each piece I make different from the next. Almost everything I make is finished in a clear finish because that is the way nature intended the wood to look and I want to keep the natural beauty or the wood front and center.

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