Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Market Vendor Profile: Blow In the Dark Glassworks


Classically trained in the art of glassblowing, Keith Walker’s glass practice began at Glass Happens Studio in Edmonton, AB. Since then, further experience was gained by volunteering at the Pilchuck Glass School (Washington); attending a summer course at the Pittsburgh Glass Centre and collaborating with other local artists on various projects. Keith has had the opportunity to be included in group showings of new work and also held solo displays of glass work, he is mainly represented by The Alberta Craft Council in Edmonton.

His work has always had a strong emphasis on form and has been heavily rooted in the sculptural non-functional path.” I wish to create pieces that command a real presence to the viewer and evoke personality, I continue to challenge myself with the technical complexities of glass and explore glass as an installation medium”.

Most recently, Keith has become one of the lead artists at the Nina Haggerty Centre in Edmonton working with disabled adults in the flat glass studio.

Blow In the Dark Glassworks is a licensed facility within the city of Edmonton and it is where Keith teaches beginners how to blow glass as well as creating his own work.

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  1. Simply gorgeous!!! I wish I could make the sale, but will definitely check out the website!