Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Market Vendor Profile: Erika Folnovic Designs

I am in my last year at the University of Regina, working towards an Arts Education degree and a BA in Visual Arts. My business grew out of a project I created for a university class. After interest from friends, classmates, and family, I was approached by a local business to sell my product. Starting from earrings, I have expanded my business to include necklaces, pins, and illustration/design work. The best part about my products is knowing that I made each piece with my own hands for you to own. It feels special to know and meet the people who create your work. I currently don't sell any products in store but do so through arts festivals/markets/shows so I meet the people I am selling my work to. My work is therapy for me during the stress of university. Nothing feels better to me than sitting down and making something. I feel I create a unique brand of products and look forward to an opportunity to sell my work to the people of Saskatoon (as I haven't ventured out of Regina, yet!).

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