Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Market Vendor Profile: Karlie King and Jay Kimball

Karlie King:

I'm a multimedia artist living in Mervin, SK. At Flock & Gather's Spring Market I will be showcasing some of my ceramic tiles from a series entitled "Buttons, Baking, & the Backyard," which was exhibited at Chapel Gallery in North Battleford, SK (2011) and soon to be exhibited at the Campbell River Art Gallery, BC (Summer 2013). The impetus for these tiles was a coming to terms with a new way of working artistically. As mother of two, I no longer have the luxury of of solitary art-time or a controlled environment. I am never alone and my environment is a pleasant state of chaos determined by buttons, baking, and the backyard. Therefore, these tiles are layered impressions of my life: both literally and metaphorically. The layers are comprised of buttons, items required for baking, and things found in the backyard (be it stuff from the garden, a close-pin that fell off the line, or a golf ball that never quite made it back in the bag).

Jay Kimball is a full time award winning ceramic artist and art educator. He produces artworks that live in the space between Art, Craft, and Design. He creates functional and non-functional ceramics focused on texture, colour, and balance. He work is collected nationally, and he is presently the Artist-in-Residence at Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre.

He is the co-proprietor of Flux Fine Art Studio in Mervin, SK with his partner Karlie King. And he is a proud father of Sophie (4) and Reuben (2).
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