Monday, April 29, 2013

Springtime Market, 2013

 Our Springtime Market was a huge success! We had record numbers of people come through the sale and an extraordinary amount of handmade talent. We owe big thanks to all our wonderful vendors, our volunteer crew who are an enormous help, and to all of the finest people in Saskatoon who come out to support us each and every sale! Honestly, we can't say enough about the excitement and kindness that this city offers us. If you are trying to contact a vendor from the sale, or see something in the photos here that you would like to inquire about - please have a look back through the vendor profiles that make up the last several posts, you should find what you're looking for.
Flock and Gather takes a bit of a break after each sale - but keep up with us for crafty happenings! Thanks Saskatoon!
xo F&G (Erin, Carole, Wayne, Dana, and Shauna!)

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